Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology involves the laboratory evaluation of blood, bodily fluids or body tissues in order to identify existing disease. Common laboratory tests include blood chemistries, complete blood counts, blood clotting times, urinalysis, faecal tests, biopsy examination, cultures and infectious disease testing.


Our clinic is equipped with an in-house laboratory that allows our veterinarians to quickly perform some of these diagnostic tests to achieve an accurate and rapid diagnosis. This is especially important in animals requiring immediate or emergency treatment. More comprehensive or specialised tests are performed by external veterinary laboratories.

We routinely perform antibody titre testing for vaccination assessment in dogs and cats. We send our samples directly to a laboratory in Australia which can perform the validated quantitative analysis for canine Distemper and Parvovirus antibodies.

We also offer the comprehensive Thyroid Profile 5 panel which includes anti-thyroid antibody testing for dogs run by Dr Jean Dodd's laboratory Hemopet in the USA.

While our in-house laboratory can provide results within minutes.  External laboratory specialised testing may take 24 hours for general blood results or up to 4 weeks for DNA breed identification tests, depending on the nature of the test being performed. Our veterinarian or nurse will usually inform you about your pet’s test results within a working day after we receive the results from the laboratory.


Please contact us for more information about any of the laboratory tests that we can offer.